woensdag 3 februari 2010

Jaspers NEW ROOM!!!

I finished most of Jaspers new room, he is gonna move to a new room because his old room will be for his coming baby sister! After painting the wood and walls a color i wanted a nice wall painting.
The other side of the room had already a forest poster wallpaper so it had to be something that fit the forest. The first sketch i made were a group of monsters but they where to alien.

So i continued with drawing some monsters with leaf masks on inspired on a zelda creature.
But after reading the child book Moek from Marc Boutavant i wanted to animals in his style.
So here they are!
Still have to do the big (pixar-Kevin-bird) behind the door.

woensdag 28 oktober 2009

woensdag 30 september 2009

Thunder dome 2008

I promised to a colleague to post my old thunder dome contest drawing.
Although after almost a year it's still not finished.
It isn't that much work anymore ... but just can't get myself to it to finish it .
Maybe sometime.......

Dog expo!!!

Yeah i finished my drawings for the Dog-Expo on time!
I even did one more then i wanted to do :)
I tried to draw one dog and let him do all kind of different actions.
Kind of work related, like in animation you have to draw one character also in all kind of different poses.

The exhibition will be opened on 4 October (animals day) in the KunstLinie Almere.
The exhibition will be part of a special dog festival and there will be lots of cools things to see and do like a dog catwalk, look a like dog owner contest and even a dog whisperer.

vrijdag 3 juli 2009